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Who is Joan Leotta?

Joan Leotta, since childhood, has been a reader, food lover, food writer and reader and writer of mysteries.

One of her favorite mystery authors is the recently deceased Andrea Camilleri (translated by the wonderful Stephen Sartarelli).

From Joan:

Montalbano, a bachelor, often meets friends in restuarants or goes home to find a meal prepared by his housekeeper. Using the titles of the recipes as given in the books, I have attempted to receate the recipes for these Sicilian delights for USA home cooks. My own background is heritage from Calabria, Campania, Abruzzo. My husband’s family comes from Sicily (east side). I have scoured internet and family recipe boxes for these recipes.
I will try to present them according to the order of the books in which they receive a mention–but other than that…

The blog will be published when I have a chance to update it–when I am long between my re-reads of Montalbano and his culinary adventures, I will present stories and recipes of my own–some from travels in Sicily and elsewhere in Italy and some from our family recipe box.

Mangia bene, amici…Montalbano certainly did!

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